Business Spotlight: ‘The Social’

‘The Social’ is a place for people to be around other people.  It is a safe place for creativity and sustainable love of all kinds,” states creator Cole Criollos.  It started as a shared workspace where folks could get together through a regular workday.  However, as additional members of the community gathered, creative ideas were generated, and the space transformed.  

Criollos mentions, “Now we want the space to allow anyone to come in and share their creativity. In January we began to build out some fun features from reclaimed materials hoping to spark a focus on majority sustainable oriented creativity. A teepee built from cut brush and painters canvas. A flower bed framed with pallets and designed to fit a small number of reclaimed tiles left over from a commercial job. A desk that shaped itself from chunky dumpster finds, a bowling lane, and more left-over tile.  Clothing racks made from pallets and the chain holding the drop ceiling we ripped out for more space.”  These features provide and atmosphere to create, and an interest for art collectors supporting local artisans. 

‘The Social’ – 30 Main Road – Tiverton, Rhode Island

‘The Social’ currently is focused on sharing and creating several mediums of art, sustainable fashion, reclaimed design/ build projects and antiques.  “It is all still very fresh,” says Criollos.  Their first community show featuring five artists launched March 1, 2020.  Though they had hoped to have another with the same set of artists at the end of March, COVID-19 halted community gatherings.  

In support of local businesses throughout the state of Rhode Island, Gustave White Sotheby’s International Realty’s has leveraged the use of their 3D Matterport imaging system, to give the general public an insider’s view into ‘The Social.’ Check out Cole Criollos’ unique space, located at 30 Main Road in Tiverton, Rhode Island HERE.  For additional studio updates, and upcoming event information, follow along on Instagram HERE.

‘The Social’ – 30 Main Road – Tiverton, Rhode Island

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