When we asked REALTOR® Kara Malkovich Gustave White Sotheby’s International Realty in Newport, Rhode Island what she loves about where she lives and works, this is what she had to say…

What do you love about living and working here on the island? 

“Newport is not only the place I grew up in but the place I came back to after years of living, learning, and loving life inside the sprawl and endless cultural opportunities and experiences of Los Angeles and New York. You can come home again and I did. Newport is a place where people live at their own pace, can make their own rules, feel like they matter, and make a difference in the community. I love that I can work in the morning, then at lunchtime go for a dip in the ocean or walk the shoreline—maybe run into some friends—and then return to work. I appreciate a world of good friends, some new and some old ones who share my love for our little state and beautiful historic town. I love the people, the community, our wonderful small businesses, and amazing organizations like The Potter League for Animals, Clean Ocean Access, and world-renowned music festivals.”

What do you love about real estate? 

“I love a lot about the real estate industry but here are a couple of things that come to mind. First, there is no routine or boredom. Every day presents a totally different canvas with new people, new properties, new challenges. Another is that you are interacting with clients who are making a crucial decision in their lives and have chosen you to guide them. This is a responsibility that I take very seriously. Sure, the profession is competitive and at times stressful, but for me nothing is better than fulfilling a client’s dream. I love the strategies and ever changing landscape of our business, and it helps that Rhode Island is such beautiful state. Every property has a story, and I love the challenge of finding a story that matches my client’s needs.”


Kara grew up in Newport and knows it like no one else. Legend has it that she can drive the streets blindfolded. Educated at Emerson College, she followed her dreams to Hollywood and worked in production for Steven Spielberg among many others. Her story brought her back to Newport where she’s a fixture in the real estate world. She loves her work but equally loves her time spent at yoga, listening to music, and making us laugh. She cherishes her time at the beloved Potter League for Animals where she sits on the board and actively helps to find homes for cats and dogs. She is always on call for Stu, her demanding and infamous cat, and her wonderful 85-year-old mum, Joanie.

Contact Information

Kara Malkovich


O: 401.848.6728

C: 401.714.6600

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