The Dying Dining Room

20wickham07201419LRThe dining room isn’t what it used to be… Luxury home owners are ahead of the game when it comes to design and home improvement trends, and one in particular that is making waves is the foregoing of the traditional Dining Room.

Even during large holiday gatherings, fewer people are having the traditional sit down dinner anymore, and the kitchen is the more popular gathering spot during dinner parties.  Many homeowners are now transforming this neglected space into a room that fits their lifestyles, interests, and needs.  The WSJ recently featured an article on this very subject, highlighting homeowners who converted this space into more useful and sometime very extravagant alternatives.  We’re talking entertainment lounges, libraries, yoga studios, art galleries, music studios – rooms designed to enhance the lifestyle of their owners.

One couple turned their dining room into a relaxation mecca, bridging the indoor space with the vineyards in their Napa backyard.  Another turned his 1,200 sf dining room into what he calls a “living pavilion” – an area boating a 15 foot fireplace and decorated with one of a kind sculptures, copper chandeliers, and a grand piano.

These grand rooms fall in line with many recent trends luxury homeowners have been following.  A survey sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens on the interests and habits of high-end owners, found that many are choosing to invest in their homes instead of the stock market.  Just what are these trends?  Eighty-seven percent want a technology friendly residence. with two-thirds preferring a ‘smart home’ over a green one.  Basically they want easy access and convenience – they want to turn up the A/C with their iPhones from their cars.

While the dining room and family meals aren’t quite obsolete, this trend re-purposing this space for other uses is something to consider and watch for.  What would you do with some spare square footage?

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